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Here are a few favorites places of ours to visit and other helpful links.
If any links appear to be broken, please e-mail us so it can be removed or fixed.

iHerpiHerp. Do you?  - great place to keep track of your own collection and see others. Register today!

Redtailboas.com - This is for the die hard boa lovers out there.

KY Herpetological Society - if you're local, join up and attend the meetings.  We have field trips and cookouts, too!

NERD - great animals and informational forums.

The BoaPhile - the best cages, beautiful boas, and forums.

Fauna Classifieds - Looking to buy, sell or just need information?  This site is great for this as well as finding out about any potential deal.

Morelia Pythons.com - if Morelia is your thing, this is where you should be.

Herpedia - Lots of reptile information here.

Venom Center  - The place for HOT heads!

HerpLink - Reptile Site Directory

Extraordinary Ectotherms - Will Bird specializes in BRB's and the infamous "Lemon Cowsuckers".  He has many other things to see, too!

Selective Origins - Matt Turner breeds Womas, Blackheads and a few other obscure snakes.

- Need tubs for your ever growing snake collection?  Look no further!  Eric has what you need.

Degei - great database for record keeping plus support forums.  Download your free trial today.  Also available:  Barcode scanning!